TN: 2001 Torbreck Factor

We popped this one to celebrate my 6 months off of chemo and clean blood work. This is just an extraordinary wine. Decanted for 2 hours. The nose is a powerful blast of dark plums, blackberries, and black cherries. A wisp of smoke comes through in the end. The body is perfectly balanced. A rich combination of cassis, blackberries, blueberries, and sweet tannins make for one of the smoothest wines I’ve tasted. The finish is long (roughly 45+ seconds) with a beautiful layered effect. We felt so lucky to be celebrating such good news with such an incredible bottle of wine.

one of my favorites as well.

More importantly - hearty congrats on the good news. that’s far more important to us than the TN.

Congrats on your good news!
The TN sounds like a wine that is right up my alley…


Congrats on the great news!

And the note makes me want to go grab one from the cellar!


That is great news.

And I do believe I have a few of these. Sounds like they’re ready to go.

+8, that’s wonderful new. [cheers.gif]

Thanks for the note on the wine, the last one I had was exactly as you described. Thankfully I still have a few bottles left.

Congrats on the good news. Carrie went into our wine storage to see if we have any of the 01 Factor left. Rats, she says no. We do have 01 Runrig and Steading. They may for dinner tonight based on your notes of the Factor. [cheers.gif]

Thanks everyone for your very kind notes! I’m looking forward to learning from your posts and trying new wines for a long time. Many, many thanks again.