TN: 2001 Pavie-Decesse

This past Saturday night we finished a bottle of 2006 Clos Saint Jean CdP V.V. and were still thirsty. I figured what the hell and opened an '01 P-D…straight pop and pour.

Inky purple and dense beast with loads of glycerin. Immediate nose of cherry, roasted coffee and licorice. At almost eight years old, it is still a pretty tannic monster, but it isn’t overly oaky like Monbo or even Pavie. Palate has good concentration rife with mocha, blackberry, graphite and sweet licorice/anise. It has it all going on and was a steal at $70 a bottle.

a 99 a few weeks ago was drinking very well after a couple hours. A steal as well at $50

find it hard to pay the freight for real Pavie anymore so i would like to try this wine. anyone have the 03 yet?

No '03 P-D yet, but the Pavie is the rock star that it is made out to be.

yeah, i have heard that from several sources. is 03 Pavie-Decesse widely available Bill?

I haven’t seen any around here lately…but haven’t been looking either. The '01 was at Costco on clearance.

Lots of '03 Pavie at good prices though…I have seen it for $135.

very much like the new avatar bill
we dont get nice cornfed steaks like that out here
grass only

what i have seen here has been ~ $170. got to pretty much get a handy with the bottle @ that price!

I can score 3 @ $135.


plenty of Pavie over here, we did a nice vertical a few months back
only i restaurant that i know of in london sells US steaks (owned by a russian guy, he opened 7 places in russia modeled after NYC steak houses)
always have to go out for prime US cow whenever i go home

any word on the '04? wondering since we are closing them out

PM forthcoming.

Was going to post a note on this wine . . . liked it. Had it twice in the last month.


No . . . but I drink a lot . . .

Or the smallest bottle of Mouton… :wink: