TN: 2001 Mount Eden Estate Cabernet

Good god man is this wine humming. Instantly winesearched it only to come up with nothing, shame b/c this is so painfully expressive. Painful b/c it’s my sole bottle.

I love the 2001 vintage in california for cabernet based wines. This is classy and restrained Cali cab (22% merlot, 3% cab franc) but with an explosive finish that doesn’t stop. Easily the best I’ve had from Mount Eden, though admittedly I haven’t had a lot of their cab, mostly pinot and chard.

Flavors are so precise, what a knockout. This is on par with Monte Bello and Montelena Estate.

More later.

Damn, never had an 01 but it sounds awesome!

Nice! Had a very tasty, albeit young, 2003 last month.
My wheelhouse for Cali Cab.
Thanks for the note on the '01.
Surprised there’s none to be found.

That’s the other one I own and based on the one bottle I’ve had of it, was very young a year or two ago.

The best part is this cost me $30 at Marty’s in 2007 - Tryba, I’m buying at $35 if there’s any left in the cellar flirtysmile .

I’m a fan of Mount Eden Cab (actually, Mount Eden in general). Found a 1996 for $40 last summer that was drinking very well.


The current release, the '06, is excellent.

I actually have an '01 pending from a recent winebid auction. They show up, but it isn’t the biggest production wine. K&L is a good source for older (and current) vintages.

Sounds awesome PMC. Thanks for the note.

Very good wines and a great value. There ARE some Cabs of value in California.

Pete, I think i bought mine the same day that you bought yours. I love these wines. Often times, I find myself saying “for the price this is really good” and this is a true statement for the Mt. Eden…but, you can also leave off the “for the price” part of these. They are just plain good!

Indeed. I’m 99% certain you were there when I opened one of my two 01s and my note in 07 was that it was very good, albeit not showing what it might in time.

Glad I waited the two years before dipping back in - could easily be 5-10 years before it peaks, loaded with fruit but so many interesting complexities!

Forgot that we also had the 1995 last month at our Cassoulet-fest. Suffered coming late in the night after some legendary CdPs, but it was terrific. Still quite youthful, too.
I like Mount Eden Cabs.

$36 dude

I’ll be in this weekend, I’ll take more of the cheapie Picq, too.

Sold out of Gilbert Picq. I have more coming in June.

love this wine also…thanfully, this winery puts up with the LCBO…this wine was great when i had it about a year ago…