TN: 2001 Meulenhof E.T. Auslese & 2001 Kerpen W.S.Spatlese*

2001 Meulenhof Erdener Treppchen Auslese
Huge nose of honey, melon, pineapple. Not much in the way of minerals-slate, but who cares? Just a lovely bouquet. To taste, big and almost heavy sweetness that is saved by those racy 2001 acids, but still pretty much dessert wine. Pretty good length, overall very impressive. My only quibble is that is seemed a bit one-note, and even though the texture is showing signs of maturing, the flavors and aromas haven’t taken on much complexity. Paired nicely with pineapple-citric-sugar glazed shrimp. 92-93 pts.

2001 Kerpen Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spatlese*
Classic mosel nose of slate, granny smith apples, and some sweeter honey notes. Very expressive and lovely bouquet. The palate much drier than the Meulenhof but isn’t quite at the same level as it bouquet. While it still has that signature 2001 quality, it may be starting to get soft and there’s a subtle note of talc develops that I find offputting. It gives it kind of a medicinal quality that’s no fun in wine. Overall, nice but it seems like this should be consumed sooner than later. 89-90 pts.