TN: 2001 Merryvale Profile

65% cab. Decanted an hour or so ahead and served blind.

Big, sweet, chewy. Kind of generic New World. Seems like a cab. The alcohol is mostly masked by the concentration, so I didn’t dump this. But I didn’t want a second pour. Young. Of no real interest. 80 points for me.

Thanks for sharing this!

“Young”? Do you think it will hold out for a few more years? Could it just be a wine that doesn’t really “develop” over the years, as far as the fruit is concerned?

My fear would be that, in a decade or less, the fruit notes will subside, and all that will remain is booze.

I meant young in the sense the flavors were primary. I was surprised at how old it was.

I doubt this will get more interesting. It seemed so generic.

Brought this to a blind tasting 9months back…tasted tired, no exuberance…these were much better young