TN: 2001 Luciano Sandrone Barolo Cannubi Boschis (Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barolo)

  • 2001 Luciano Sandrone Barolo Cannubi Boschis - Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barolo (11/27/2014)
    From mag at Thanksgiving dinner. Just way too young. Hard to read, I took a shot and it was a mistake to open this one before say 2021 or longer. Seems to have the material and substance to be good/great, but today just hard to read through the shell. Like watching a good movie on a very blurry tv. I rated 92 but could have rated this mid '80s based on today or mid '90s based on my guess of where it’s going. I picked 91 for no good reason. (91 pts.)

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Should have opened 02 cathiard malconsorts lol. Thanks for the note. Went very long on these based on 97 from Tanzer.

What did it taste like?

No excessive oak (if at all?) it seems - or am I assuming too much?

Nah. Not an oak issue. a ‘too young’ issue. Sometimes with young wine you get a sense of the wine, but not much else. It’s still very primary, none of the nuances you look for from Barolo (or I look for from Barolo). No secondary flavors, yet. No rose water, forest floor, mushrooms, etc. Smelled great, smelled like Barolo upon opening, but that’s it. From mag, I’d wait another decade.

Were you surprised at your results?

I’m not buying Sandrone anymore.
Used to love the Cannubi Boschis wich has always been his best wine but now i find it too modern for my palate, the last vintages i tasted (97 and 98) had predominant goudron notes and no sign of the beautiful flowers and rose water i really love on Nebbiolo. Not to mention it has become expensive.

The heaviest oak years for Sandrone were approximately 1996-1999.

I don’t know if you had this with the meal, but standard Thanksgiving cuisine isn’t meant for wines as tannic and high-acid as Barolo. Turkey with gravy, maybe. But the rest needs wines with much softer texture and more fruit. I would expect most Barolos to taste nasty at T’day.

Had it with the pre-turkey apps, but also had it the day before (turkey day was day 2), with risotto / white truffles.

Not sure surprise is correct. I’d hoped for better results now, but I now know not to open another mag until 2021 at the earliest.

Well, that’s hard to argue with. champagne.gif

Yep. Was really hoping for a big winner with the white truffles. Was just hiding too much at this point. '90 Sandrone ‘CB’ was one of the greatest bottles of wine (not Piedmont, wine) that I ever had, how can '01 not become like that in 10 more years?