TN: 2001 Franciscan Magnificat

This is one of those old Napa names that seems to never get mentioned anymore. Had the last of a 6 pack tonight and I am sorry to see it go. It is a fantastic wine for the price. Lots of red fruit (plums and cherries) along with earth and spice. It has plenty of fruit without being overly ripe or extracted, and has a structure to last for quite a long time. This is a wine that would appeal to both Cali fans and old world fans. In the mid 30’s price range, it delivers all that one could ask for and more.

Nice note. This was one of my favorite wines for a while. Unfortunately I drank my last 01 a couple years ago. For some reason I have held on to a lone bottle of 2000. Have you had any experience with some newer vintages? After a bad review (02 or 03 I think) I sort of wrote these off.

I’ve had '02 and '03, and they were nice for the money, especially for something that is relatively typical for Napa, and consistent. Buying them from Costco makes them quite QPR accessible too

+1 on this bottle. my golf club always has it pretty cheap and it is always OK.

I loved the late 90s Magnificats. One of my first exposures to Cali Meritages. Haven’t had one in a long while.


I never had the 02 or 03. I had the 2005 late last year at a Disney wine event. It was enjoyable but much different from the 01. The 05 was more fruit forward and lush than the 01. While still something I would be happy to drink if someone poured it for me, I think it lost a little of the distinctiveness that I always appreciated about the wine.