TN: 2001 Fourrier Gevrey Chambertin Combe Aux Moines

simply gorgeous dense intense red Burgundy that speaks of Gevrey, rises to a grand cru level, drinks so well now but will last so long–the depth and drive of this wine are wonderful. It was so good that we opened a bottle last night and had to do a repeat bottle tonight. Painfully intense–in a good almost Chablis way . . .


Love the producer.

Have you ever found any premoxed 01 Fourriers?


It’s nice to hear of a non-VA affected bottle. I tried two in a row last winter which were both affected, albeit one more than the other. I also remember a bottle about three years ago, which was in the league you describe. In any case, glowing recommendations like yours don’t make it easier to sell my stash! [dontknow.gif]

never had a problem w/a Fourrier, but no huge experience. Only wine I didn’t like was the very hard and tannic 95 Griotte, but that was years ago.

I served an 01 champeaux from my cellar saturday night and it was really lovely - pleased even the notoriously fussy robert callahan - no VA at all (knock wood - I own two more, plus the combe aux moines).

to my taste, this is the best qpr in a pretty amazing portfolio. not very much is made though. but that applies to all his wines i guess.

I find it his most exciting wine. It has a wild quality which sits very well with the almost feminine style.

I had the 2002 Fourrier Gevrey Chambertin VV last night. The first Fourrier I have opened for awhile. It was still primary but open enough to enjoy, perfect balance, level of a 1er and better than many. Cheers Mike

thanks for the note. I’ve often wondered about this wine. Never seen one for sale.

And, the 2007 is a real stunner as well!

the sauvage nature reminded me of Mazis Chambertin. I didn’t know it was so “rare” either. I hope I have more . . .

VA is in a wine (or at the least a batch if it is bottled in batches), not a bottle.

I don’t doubt you had bad bottles, but if it was VA, others would get it. Personally, I’ve never had nor heard of VA issues with Fourrier.

IIRC, he has a decent sized holding.

I agree with Tom on it’s qualities, although it isn’t my favorite wine. However, the best bottle of Fourrier I’ve had recently was a 1999 of this.

Thanks Alan.
Great note.
I have had mostly Clos St Jacques from 2001 from Fourrier.
I have had maybe 30% that the VA was intrusive.
When the wine is on however… it is like this Combe aux Moines.
Pure and intense.

I have a bunch of 2002 Combe aux Moines. I really like that wine too!

It is the third in the Fourrier line after the CSJ and Griottes. Both these 1er typically have more power, and are similar for that, than the Griottes, though power is clearly not everything.

I had the 02 Goulots recently. Much denser, darker and less elegant than I thought it would be.


regarding the Combe Aux Moines I generally love it in cooler vintages and find it one of the least interesting of the lineup in warmer vintages (e.g., '97 and '03).

I’m with you, Jay. Fourrier’s Combe aux Moînes is located in an old quarry which acts as a heat trap, so it’s always his ripest wine. But it’s a question of taste and I know that there are plenty of Fourrier fans who adore what this wine does in riper vintages.

Claude, interesting, is that the quarry cut deeply into the hillside. I’ve walked up along there and wondered about those vines…

Others DID get it. Tom, Don, myself and several others with accomplished palates had lengthy discussions on this subject at the other place, which have carried over to WB. It started with several people reporting “pickle jar” aromas on the nose of the CSJ 2001. I first noticed it on the 2001 Champeaux. This caused me to open about 5 different bottlings from 2001 at the start of 2010, which were all affected to some degree. By now, I’ve also had bottles from 1999, 2000 and 2002 which were affected, from both my own and other people’s cellars.
As for my sources, I buy from three different direct importers, whom I know are very careful with shipping and storage. They have been in my passive cellar since, which very slowly rises from 52 in winter to 64 degrees in high summer, so I doubt that’s the problem.
After much deliberation, this issue made me decide to put up my whole stash for sale in commerce corner. It’s not that I’m convinced that they’ll all be shot soon, but that I don’t know how it wil pan out and I DON’T feel like having to worry about it for the next decade and a half.

The Combe aux Moines is startlingly the most mineral in the 03 lineup. Or at least it was.