TN: 2001 E. Guigal Côte-Rôtie La Landonne

I was wondering because I’m a big fan of the wines with age on them. I think 88 through 91 are great. 85s are stupendous. And 83’s are pretty good too. I think 98 will turn out well. Not a fan of 99. Too big. And 96 is a weaker vintage.

88-91 LLs are great, but we shouldn’t ignore 1994, a good bottle of this vintage should be singing right now …

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You are completely misunderstanding me.

It is not a democratic vote or anything that decides whats wrong or right. It is as i stated many times a subjective opinion. If by chance more people on a forum dislike a certain style, then it will be more common that some people will comment on that style negatively, because they don’t like it.

If it was a cider forum where more people liked apples compared to pears. Then you would probably see more people talk negatively about pear cider. Does not make pear cider better or worse than apple cider.

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No, I’ve already got it … ( see my smiley)
But why has one who likes apple cider to hate peach cider? Or bash on people who do?