TN: 2001 beringer Private Reserve Cabernet, Napa

Another dissapointment for me. The wine is so flat and simple. The fruit is just about gone and left nothing but coffee and harsh tannins behind.

The past few days I had 3 cabs that left me very dissapointed: 2002 Realm To-Kalon, 2002 Lewis Reserve and 2001 Beringer Private Reserve.

Wow, I just hope it’s an off bottle…I love that wine.

Steve, your post got me to think about the sources of the wine. I bought 2 bottles on release from Vintage Wines here in SD for $109.99. Opened one and liked it quite well. Then a couple of years later PC had them for $60 or $70 and I got 2 more bottles.

I have no clue where this bottle came from!!!

Otto, you made me check out CT to see what others think, looks like it’s still drinking well. I’m guessing you had an off bottle.

sounds shut down more than anything else.

I opened a 2001 Beringer PR Marston recently and it was CLOSED on night 1.

Perhaps an off bottle? Back in August of this year, had a vertical of 2001 through 2005 Beringer Private Reserve Cab with friends, and we all thought the 2001 was the best wine of the group, followed by 2005 and 2004!

Sounds like a bad bottle to me. The wine should have seemed young even to you Otto." onclick=";return false;

I drank a bottle a few weeks ago and thought it was fantastic! Plenty of fruit, great balance, with many years to go. Sorry yours did not show well.