TN-2001 August Briggs Monte Rosso Cabernet

Some friends popped over later in the evening Wedsnesday… and we needed something to drink. I felt I would depart from my steady diet of pinot noir and try something different.

This single odd bottle was found in the cellar. I remember in '03 or '04 Megan and I were making our way back to our home base of Calistoga via the Silverado Trail when we decided to make one last stop at August Briggs. Their pinot noir had been making some noise at the time and I wanted to taste it . However, I had no luck, they were sold out. They were pouring the 2001 Monte Rosso. I have enjoyed many cabernets from that rather large and historic vineyard - so, I had high hopes.

The wine was wonderful that day at the winery and it was still wonderful Wedsnesday evening.
It certainly did not taste like a nine year-old Cal Cab. Young in apperance and on the attack. (I do have perfect cellar condidtions, but, I expected a little movement!) A dark ruby robe with only the very slighted hint of its age. The nose was magic. Very classic cabernet. Cassis, walnut, earth, a little sweet spice and plenty of rounded tannins. really nice example of winemaking. Not a traditional cabernet - per se, but a lovely modern wine that gives a big nod to the fruit source and classic sonoma and napa cabs.
The beautiful finish lingers for at least a minute. Note: There was just a splash left the next evening- when I tasted it, again the wine still tasted pristine. Very nice surprise. A very good and seemingly immortal wine.