TN 2001 Anderson's Conn Valley Estate Cabernet

The current Napa Beserker Fest that I sadly can’t make due to daddy duties includes a group of lucky tasters going to see The Todd at his family’s wonderful property and caves in the Conn Valley. In honor of that trip, I opened the 2001 Estate tonight.
Pop and pour only because it smelled so damn fine.
Pauillac-like, with cedar, creme de cassis, earth and indian spice on the nose; the mid palate to the long finish is incredible. I have enjoyed many vintages of this wine but after 1990 and 1991 this is the best.
Pure joy and for the under $50.00 tariff a steal. 95 JB points for what they are worth. 3 Flirties me likee.
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I love the ‘flirties’! LOL!

JB has a new rating system! I might adopt it…not sure how it will integrate with my CT auto-post, though…

And Jack, I’ll give you all the details about the Anderson’s Conn Valley visit - hell, give me your cell number and I’ll call you with live updates.

Please tell my man Todd that Jack from Phoenix says yo.

Jack, great note. Thanks for posting.

Thanks for the note. I have enjoyed many of Todd’s ACV cabs and always thought there should be more buzz around these wines.

Thanks for the note Jack. Did you get to taste the 05 cab reserve that got 96 from RMP. It sure left me dissapointed, it was like drinking black currant juice, very simple wine.


Otto, that doesn’t surprise me. I did not buy the 05 due to my stupid over buying of the 05 Bordeaux. These wines DO NOT show well young. Open one in about 4-5 years and then report about it. I usually wait 10 but the 01 was smoking early. It did settle down in the past hour though.