TN: 2000 Lanson Champagne Noble Cuvée Blanc de Blancs (France, Champagne)

  • 2000 Lanson Champagne Noble Cuvée Blanc de Blancs - France, Champagne (11/4/2016)
    So nice a bottle, Marybeth asked why we ever drink anything other than Champagne. A vintage tête de cuvée BdB at the price of a basic NV. This 2000 Lanson defies generalizations about that vintage. It possesses ample acidic cut, and is no where near fully mature at 16.
    Clean, fresh, chiseled, and made in a taught styled, with good body and just the right amount of autolysis. I’m really glad I bought several despite not having tried them. (92+ pts.)

Great note, Warren! I also sprung for a few from Envoyer and my notes from the one bottle I tried agreed with yours (but was less eloquent). Greg seems to regularly get some bargains on champagnes that I don’t see elsewhere.



Thanks for the note on the aging potential. This is a birth year champagne for my son and it is good to know that he will be able to enjoy it. Cheers.

Those notes ring true with me and this is one of the best Champagne bargains I have run across, although mine came from Grapes in North White Plains. While I agree this can age for some years, it is beautifully drinkable today. I bought a handful and wished I had bought many more after the first taste. It is hard to resist drinking the last couple of bottles.

I brought a second bottle to a dinner party the next night. The Champagne was just as good, but my lack of restraint was just as bad.