TN: 2000 Fourrier Clos St. Jacques

Medium ruby and starting to brick. An expressive nose of forest floor, game and black cherries. A bit chewy and tannic with little flavor authority. After two hours, some macerated cherries in the mouth and a hint of the trademark Fourrier elegance before shutting down. Medium finish. Third bottle drunk with similar results. I won’t touch another bottle for a few more years.

interesting that a 2000 1er cru still needs time. With Burgundy, I’m not surprised.

Interesting indeed and shockingly less advanced than a bottle I tried a few months ago at a Côte de Nuits 2000 vintage tasting. Unfortunately those notes are at the other board, so I can’t get to them. I’ve had this happen a few times now and frankly, it’s starting to **** me off!!! [soap.gif]
Anyway, I have taken my remaining bottles from storage (passive cellar with an 8 degrees C. difference between high summer and winter, these bottles have been since early 2003) to quietly drink this fall, but I might keep them for a while longer yet. Did you notice any VA upon opening?

Hi Mike. No VA upon opening.

Is it just possible that the wine has started to shut down, Mike? I’ve noticed that this takes a very long time with Fourrier’s wines.

Well, I did get a whiff of VA on aforementioned bottle right after opening. It did disappear or integrate when the wine got going after a few minutes. It is indeed possible that it is shutting down, as the initial fine fruitiness and mineral expression changed into an intense dried herbal phase, which lasted for about 90 minutes before the wine morphed yet again to mature flowery and complex Bourgogne. Said evidence is of course entirely empirical and subjective, but still.