TN: 2000 Di Meo Fiano di Avellino Selezione Erminia

  • 2000 Di Meo Fiano di Avellino Selezione Erminia - Italy, Campania, Fiano di Avellino DOCG (5/24/2017)
    This was my contribution to the dinner, a wine I’d found just a few weeks earlier while visiting with Roberto di Meo at the winery. This was a wine that Roberto trotted out of his kitchen after we’d spent some time together/knew a little of each other - he told me it had been on the countertop, sans gas, for about 8 days. First, it’s the color, as in NO sign of age, amazing, medium straw, clear and really bright. The nose: aged Fiano is even more elegant than young Fiano, with no oxidative aspect whatsoever. On the palate, totally about finesse, with a med>long finish, bright acidity and impeccable balance. Delicate peach notes, with orange oil, minerals galore, some saline, and bits of kiwi and poached pear; medium-bodied, cool, elegant textures. This is a joy right now and for the next several years. I loved it. recommended+

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I’ve had 3 bottles of the 2000 and found it wildly variable. The first one was so good and the other 2 completely disappointed.

I adore Fiano. Never had this one. Thanks for the note.

I tasted this twice and was underwhelmed by both bottles. It appears there is significant bottle variation out there.

10/9/2016 - I WROTE: 87 points (Edit)
Medium hay in color, this wine (bottle #882 of 3,000) showed muted notes of minerals, dried sage, fennel and almond. The mouth feel showed very crisp acidity for its age and brought more minerals and white flowers. The finish was a little short but the acidity held firm. 13.5% abv.

Purchased for $33US, I bought this from a favorite on-line retailer based on the 95 point score from Monica Larner of TWA. I loved the freshness of this 15 year old Italian white varietal but the complexity was not anywhere near that level for me to award such a high score.

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WTSO occasionally offers this for $33+ as they did today. Have had 1 meh and 1 great bottle so far. Ordered 6 more. Worth the variation as the great one was stunning.