TN: 2000 De Venoge BdB Champagne

I think the WS notes are spot on. On the dry side, lemon zest, some fresh bread. I like it but have no idea of how it will develop with some time. Not complex at this time. Any Champs experts help??

Price is very low here $29.95.



You have been on a bit of bubbly bend it seems. This is a decent enough wine and a good value for the dollar. I don’t expect it to develop into much. It will slowly loosen up and become a bit more open (most 2000s started off a bit backwards and will slowly blossom, but still only be mid-term agers), but won’t necessarily get any better and will never be very complex. This is one to drink over the next 5 years without much worry as the quality will likely be the same. De Venoge is a bit of a strange house as they have some great grape sources, but often mix them with subpar grapes to make a cuvee - ends up blunting the potential.

My vote is to drink when you don’t want to think about the wine in the glass. It is a wine to enjoy when you just need a glass of Champagne.

Many thanks for the advice Brad. It was one of those things where the price is so good, you just hope that things will get much better. You know, shoot a gun at the ocean and hope you hit a fish.

BTW the 96 Pol Roger BdB was a teriffic wine, so creammy!