TN: 2000 Château Gloria (France, Bordeaux, Médoc, St. Julien)

  • 2000 Château Gloria - France, Bordeaux, Médoc, St. Julien (4/7/2018)
    Decanted 2 - 3 hours, color is a very deep garnet, slight brown tint, well defined orange corona on the brim. The nose starts with funk, earthy, mushrooms. I get notes of black and red fruits interesting enough, leather, some magic marker. Spent time swirling and enjoying. Front palate is blackberries and cassis, still got a little tart streak. Fruit is quite nice and well integrated with vanilla, tobacco and earthy tones. Medium acidity and soft tannins leading to a nice integrated medium(+) finish. This bottle is in a good place and its got some time left, not a lot but a bit if well preserved. (92 pts.)

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Beautiful note, but I really wonder about your prognostication on lifespan. I just had an 86 and 89 that were in really good spots. A 2000 Bdx is still quite young. Do you think Gloria is being made differently now? I have some 09, 10 and 14, so am curious.

Thank you, I try to just spill my guts.

On the length, I was spit-balling another 5 years and I could have been more prescriptive. I’ll admit my experience with the over 20 range is not superlatively extensive as others on here. Having had this vintage here and there over time, the finish has markedly gotten shorter and day 2 ain’t the same as it used to be. That’s kind of where my head was at when writing that. This one is showing better to be fair so it could be bottle variation, as I had one last year and it was not showing well at all, I even punted on the note. I could be flat out wrong in 5 in which case its a treat :slight_smile: Its a fun game of playing chicken.

I thought '10 was a dog when I lasted tasted it…hope it was just an awkward phase…usually a fairly consistent house

I’ve had good memories of this Chateau’s 83, 85 and 89 drank over the last 10 years. I’ve not had the 2000, but with the vintage reputation, I would suspect that a well-preserved one would last well for a quite a bit.

Only update I have is that late day 1 produced some olive notes that I loved. Day 2 wasn’t really there at all. Fruit all disintegrated and it was much more watery, finish was not even close to day 1.

Granted 20 years old. I get that’s young for some Bdx, however given the rapid decent, this just gives me the impression of 5 more years for this vintage. Other vintages may be better, and shit I may be wrong. Just feels its tail end for any wine that can handle some aging.

I had a case of this over the years and it didn’t fade as much as I would have thought. For such a fruity, friendly Bordeaux it keeps pretty well.