TN: 2000 Chateau Cheval Blanc, St. Emilion Grand Cru

So I’m at a convention dinner last night with a decent size crowd of 16. Lots of heavy lumber (literally) being poured: Caymus SS, Shafer HS and a couple other Cai Cabs popping 15%. As I have a heavy schedule today, including some live public hearings, I went easy, pretty much just sipping these wines, drinking lots of sparkling water. These young, big cabs really don’t do it for me.

And somehow out of this evening blossomed a 2000 Cheval Blanc. The graciousness of the host, a great friend, who knew I was more old world than new. So I did not regale the crowd with my boorish snobby behavior, but a lively discussion of old world v. New world came to the fore (I swear I didn’t start it). A much finer topic than Trump v. Clinton at one of these things.

The wine is gorgeous. This is a cab franc lovers paradise. The 2000 seems to show more of the cab franc presence than some prior vintages that I have enjoyed. This is also a very surprisingly open, medium weight wine for the vintage. Soaring nose of red berries, ecaulyptus, spice box, wet earth and some musk. Impeccably balanced on the palate, tannins nearly resolved, beautiful display of the red and dark fruit spectrum, but lifted with a healthy dose of acidity and a spline of green (herbaceousness). Quite refreshing after the heavy cabs consumed all night. A really nice balance of the qualities that I adore in cab franc softened with some sweet, darker merlot fruits.

My resolve ended. As the crowd had dissipated, and those that remained seemed to migrate toward the cabs, I got to enjoy 1/3 or more of this lovely, classic bottle.

(97 pts.)

Caymus is where it’s at


blend of 53% Merlot and 47% Franc

Jealous! Great note, thanks.

Never tasted the 00. Sweet recovery there!

This wine is awesome. At the comparative 00/05 tasting I went to last year, this was head and shoulders over all the big names of the Left Bank.

New world, old world. For you, this was just like drinking another Chinon. [cheers.gif]

Sounds like a great wine. I have always loved Cheval Blanc.

Marc, that’s a cool link. Find me some of those predominant Cab Franc Bordeaux blends - they seem pretty small production - and I’ll pick them up for or our next tasting. I have some more Les Carmes Haut Brion coming in, some mature, some new.

Just let me know when to fly down.

I assume Henry will be in the kitchen, whipping up Japanese inspired delicacies for me not to enjoy.

Corey, you are a high-maintenance pain in the arse. For all of your needs, wants, complaining, you need to be an 11+ plus on a 10 scale. Or do naughty things.

We bring in Henry for a Riesling night. A So and Salil will fly down. You cover the charter.

I’m willing to tart myself up and do naughty things if we can get Henry + Riesling.

Once Jade Dragon sees Chef Henry with his spiked hair, muscles and tattoo sleeve, you are chop liver.

I need to do this.

    • chopped.

Technically, I’m prohibited from marking my body, but luckily there’s a work around.

That’s gonna go over well.

Well hurry the f*ck up; I’m tired of waiting.

the 2000 Cheval Blanc is the single best wine I have ever had. I had it at release, and dug deep into my pockets to buy a single bottle which I have in my cellar. Thank you for your note.

It’s a special bottle indeed, and quite open for business.

All I can say is that I hope you used better stemware for your Cheval Blanc:

LOL – a huge advantage of drinking with California wine lovers! After enough glasses of 15% alcohol heavy hitters that are explosively fruit forward, you’re not going to be in shape to appreciate a wine like this.

Corey, though a professional chef will be heading up this dinner we would appreciate your expertise in handling the asparagus, thank u…see Tooch for photo

We also popped some 2013 Scarecrow M. Etain and 2012 Dana Estate Onda. I gotta tell you, the bitter oak astringency on the Scarecrow was a major turn-off. Yea, young for sure, but has anyone had some of these wines with age on them to see how they assimilate that wood?