TN: 1999 Joseph Drouhin Beaune-Epenotes 1er Cru

I am still on my Burgundy “high” even though it has been over one month since I was in Beaune tasting wines from the 2006 and 2007 vintages … I found this wine to match roast chicken.

Joseph Drouhin Beaune-Epenotes 1er Cru 1999

Opened and poured into a Riedel red Burgundy glass and allowed to aerate for a half hour or so prior to tasting. The nose has that lovely Burgundian mix of bright red cherry and other red fruits, with sous bois and Asian spices. The tannins have now softened and the fruity backbone of red cherries and other red berry fruits is slowly giving way to more complex tastes of brambles and forest floor, always evolving in the glass (my sign of a decent red Burg!). The finish is a bit short with the body a bit on the light side, but it is well balanced and not overly acidic. Drinking well now, it should have another 5+ years left in it. 88 / 100 points.


Sounds lovely, especially with roast chicken. Nothing like a well-cooked bird and Burgundy.

A perfect match.

So how about a Roast-Chicken and Aged Burgundy dinner before I head back to Europe in mid-July?

Are you planning to visit Philadelphia soon? [cheers.gif]



How about both you get your fat lazy asses up to NYC where we can do things right? [wow.gif]