TN: 1999 Henri Gouges Nuits-St-Georges Les St. Georges

I would like to publicize a personal correction here. I’ve never had a Gouges, opened by myself or others, that I liked. I always found them lean and otherwise uninspiring. Until now. (These bottles were bought on release in the spring from central Vermont.) The color is nice and saturated. The nose is oh-so-bewildering with a really distinctive spicy character. The palate is muscular and not fruity, but fully harmonious and waiting for greater things to come. Dense but not heavy. Great length. This wine is full of freshness and class. Just a little too young but can be appreciated very well now in a quiet mood. A real treat and I take back everything I said about the Gouges.


Well done Karl. People talk an awful lot of nonsense about Gouges, mainly because vanity doesn’t allow them to accept that most burgundian of truths, which is that what you see at one particular moment is most definitely not what you get. Gouges is one of the most consistently excellent producers in all Burgundy. If one doesn’t like what one has opened it’s because the bottle has been opened too soon.

…way, way too soon. Surprised the 1999 showed so well.

Gouges is the producer that got me into burgs and I have yet to open a bottle from him that I didn’t think was good/very good or excellent.

I had the 99 St Georges Les St Georges in the fall and thought it was excellent.

Been wanting to get my one bottle through to at least 15 years past vintage, but notes like this are going to make that harder and harder…

Wait. Drink 1997s if you’re lucky enough to own any (I’m not :frowning: )

Which is true because wine quality is objective measure and there is no room for personal preference [cheers.gif]

(For the record I LOVE Gouges and have enjoyed them young. A little air does wonders).

Thank you for strengthening my resolve for another 4-6 years [cheers.gif]

don’t touch the 2000s yet . . .

or the 02’s great as they are…

I had the 99 LSG in the fall of 2007 - how’s that for young?! - and it was one of the most impressive bottles I’ve had over the past few years. Yes, you could see all the structure - but the wine was so well-balanced, the tannins so fine, and the fruit so beautiful that the wine was just spectacular.

That said, I’m still waiting for my 1990 LSG to come around.

Firm lover of Gouges here but I understand why it is not everyone’s cup of tea. The green capsuled bottles just sit there in the cellar. I mostly have '98-'02. The '90 Clos de Porrets is fabulous right now. Gouges requires patience.