TN: 1999 Ducru Beaucaillou

Thought it time to try one with a rack of Lamb.

Here is a prior TN:

Much the same as my prior note. The wine is starting to develop some aromatic complexity with cigar-box, forest floor, and anise notes. The wine has a nice silky mouth-feel with tannin evident when you aerate in the mouth. The mid-palate seems to lack drive, but this is basically quintessential St Julien Bordeaux made to go with food. The wine has some nice cassis and anise notes and it appears to be in transition and poised to develop the aromatic traits of mature Bordeaux. My one concern is an apparent lack of fruit which may end up causing this wine “dry-out” with age, but I have been surprised before so I’ll keep cellaring to see what happens. The 99 vintage is supposed to be a lighter style, but wines like Margaux need time based on a tasting in 2004. I have not tried my Latours and sold off all my Lafite (to China [basic-smile.gif] ). I did enjoy a 99 La Fleur Petrus in 04 also. Still not sure where the Ducru is heading. My hope is that the 99 wines will mirror the 85 vintage which produced some gems (Margaux, Haut Brion, Cos) once they moved into year 18-20. Fingers crossed going forward.

Thanks, Bob. I’ve got a couple '99’s, and am unsure whether or not to crack them or not because of the fruit situation, just as you described.


I suspect these will be like the 85’s and turn out very nice (the 01’s are similar in style to the 99’s but have more fruit). It will probably based on the individual wine vice the vintage. I am not so sure about the Ducru at this point. Hurry up and wait the - Bordeaux mantra.