TN: 1999 Domaine Robert Arnoux Vosne-Romanée 1er Cru Les Chaumes

A good colour and still fresh and youthful. There’s plenty of sandalwood and Chinese 5 spice on the nose. It has a touch of earthiness and a core of black cherry fruit that intensifies with air. It has a luscious, creamy mid-palate and builds, fanning out on the finish. It has terrific acidity with a strong mineral imprint lingering once swallowed.


Nice. Reckon that I have a bottle of this left. Was very expensive at $110 back in the day.

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Hi mate,

I thought we may have bought a few of these together, but couldn’t recall where from? It was 20 years ago after all.

Heidi blinded me on it last night and I’d forgotten I had one left. I nailed the vintage and that is was 1er Cru Vosne but couldn’t think what producer. It is now drinking really well.

best regards

Bought mine off Ross Duke back in the day -had a nice portfolio including Arnoux, dÁngerville, Laurent Roumier, Sirugue. Think I still have some Echezeaux as well.

my favorite vintage and finally coming around.

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A lovely wine Jeremy. We drank through a case in the days when that meant 12 bottles ! I don’t even look at the offers at todays prices. I do note Cellartracker says I have some 98 left so I’ll go in search of those bottles. The big lesson remains that well made red burgundy benefits from a cool 20 years in the cellar !

Interesting. In my experience the Arnoux wines from this period have been very unpleasant indeed but wines in this style quite often do come around in the end.

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This wine has been textbook Vosne from day one.

Hi John,

absolutely, 20 years seems about right for most vintages, not just the great ones. I loved 1999 on release and bought as many as I could afford. Drank tons of them young, but wish I had more remaining in the cellar as they are only just starting to really blossom now.

A few of the journos at the time of release didn’t rate the wines as highly as they deserved, and I suspect it was because they were concerned with the size of the crop. '99 was not just a brilliant year but one of huge volume in comparison to a few of the recent meagre harvests that Burgundy has endured.


Yep - there are a few well-respected wine writers who’ve got to be relieved their takes on '99 Burgundy were made long enough ago to avoid getting on the Internet.

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tasted many out of barrel and then even took out a home equity line of credit to buy what I could, especially DRC. I also have too few left.