TN: 1999 Cristal

Had this Saturday amongst some other champers (Deutz NV, Krug NV) and it stood out for its excessive sweetness. My friends wife (not a big wine lover) likened it to Cava. I popped this bottle because I hadn’t had one in a year or so and wanted to check on it to see if the sweetness calmed down at all, and if I should look for some at auction to backfill. The fruit underneath and creamy texture was totally overshadowed by the sense of an unnatural sweetness. Next to the Krug NV (which was a very recent release) the Cristal just seemed uninteresting. The Krug on the other hand had a minerality and acid that can be appreciated even more when drinking it next to the Cristal. Dont really know where the '99 is headed, but the excessive dosage/sweetness really will keep me from buying any more.
Would love to hear others opinions, maybe I am missing something?