TN: 1999 Chevillon NSG Vaucrains

really drinking well. Has a rigid spine of a structure but tannins are round and ripe. Dark-fruited (black fruits) wine with iron/minerals and some stoniness, it’s a really complete and beautiful mid age red Burg. Fruit is real ripe and it’s just delicious. 99s are coming around.

Nice to hear. I love the vintage, but in some cases has seemed to take forever to come around. Enjoyable wines that seemed to still be holding something in reserve, interestingly often the CDB wines (obviously not applying to this wine specifically).

Had the 98 version on Friday at Felix. It had that iron and mineral stoniness you mentioned but more red fruited and soft. Not nearly as much structure as that 99 which I tried 4-5 years ago when it was totally shut down. Nice to see it is coming around.

I had the ‘99 Les Cailles a couple of months ago and it was similarly rocking and rolling. Most ready Chevillon that I’ve encountered. Just across the road from Vaucrains.


It’s about time.

Great house, great vineyard. Nice that the '99 is showing well.

Thanks for the note.


Drank this from my cellar a couple of weeks ago and while it was signicantly more approachable than it was six years ago i think it still needs a couple of years.

And, FWIW, I had an Aloxe-Corton 1er cru “Valozieres” this week, that was quite a while from “maturity”, as I think of maturity.

I last had the '99 Chevillon Vaucrains a few years ago, and though I thought it was a good wine, I didn’t want to drink my next bottle until it was at least 20 years old. Last week, I had a '99 Grivot Boudots, and though good, I thought it too could benefit from a couple of more years aging.

FWIW, ‘93 Chevillon Vaucrains still not ready few months ago, acidity yet to settle down, stubborn beggar.

Had the '01 Chevillon LSG last week - superb bottle. Made me kick myself for not buying more Chevillon years ago. The '16s are excellent, btw, but production is about 50% down so they won’t be as easy to find as usual. Vaucrains always seems like it’s going to need a decade longer than all the others when one tastes it from barrel. Should probably buy some for my daughter.

FWIW, my note from July 2017:

7/17: perfection. full bodied…lush…even…sweet fruit deep, choc and herbs and long long finish with great center…jeez it’s good; classy too.
wait for no earlier than 2019 for next one.

Did you guys pick this up on Winebid the same time I did several months back? The one I had was like your notes Stuart, a very fine, mature bottle, maybe a bit foursquare and lacking complexity, but delicious. With pricing on Chevillon and Gouges the way it’s been on Winebid i.e. very reasonable markup over current releases, I’m quite happy to buy there and drink now.