TN: 1999 Château Pavie Decesse (France, Bordeaux, Libournais, St. Émilion Grand Cru)

  • 1999 Château Pavie Decesse - France, Bordeaux, Libournais, St. Émilion Grand Cru (10/12/2009)
    This wine is in a very great place right now. Tannic structure is round and smooth, yet still a strong dose of dustiness as well, which lasted for a good 30 seconds at the finish. Dark fruits, cassis, anise on the palate, with a nice substantial mouthfeel. A good dose of oak, but still in check with a wine that is well balanced at this point, yet still in a bold stage. A perfect companion to the Prime Ribeye steaks, far more so than the Barolo we also had to accompany them, as the bigger style and tannic structure countered the richness of the meat. (93 pts.)

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Nice note Todd! An obvious perk of my new career is access to so many interesting wines I’m almost not sure where to start. This may push me over the edge for next weekend… Hmmm - '85 Pavie or '90 Pavie Decesse??

This wine has received a variety of reviews, somewhat polarizing, but I found it to be quite spectacular for a bigger style Bordeaux. I know it was stored well, so that helps, I’m sure.

I’d throw you to the '90 PD but only because I’m not much of a fan of Pavie.

Very nice notes Todd.

And a great avatar.

Tasty wine, to be sure, if lacking now in elegance/refinement. I wouldn’t buy it, but I wouldn’t mind drinking the stuff. I’ve had it thrice if I recall, the last time being on 08/08/08 at a “lucky” Chinese dinner:

1999 Château Pavie (St-Emilion) > - The Stockbroker’s. A no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners hedonistic style. Loads of eager, lush, well-extracted ripe cherry, raspberry, plum with dark fruit and mocha undertones laced with sweetish nuances of clove and vanilla bean - pretty much consistent with > my old notes from 9 March 2005 > - but this time with a slight separation of flavors. It displayed a much higher level of ripeness and extraction than any other '99 from Bordeaux I can remember.

When subsequently asked about my ranking of the night, I opined that although this wine was openly pleasing, it lacked elegance (an opinion the Vigneron shared). The Stockbroker suggested that, judging from the results of past Challenges (i.e., the triumphs of the Doc’s '98 Pavie and my '98 La Couspaude), taste in wine may have changed. I recalled that I didn’t vote for either of those wines at the respective Challenges, and that I’d had (and liked) the '99 Pavie before, and so, looked up my old notes the next evening.

My old notes reveal that we drank this bottle alongside the Doc’s 1999 Château La Clusiere (the vineyards of which have since been folded into those of Pavie). Said notes also show that, at the time, I noted the Pavie in question as putting out “[an] elegant performance”. I didn’t, however, then note any separation in flavors or that it was so exuberant or eager to please.

After much thought, while I cannot, honestly, completely rule out the possibility that my taste in wine has changed, I doubt it in this case. Most likely, it was a combination of the wine’s evolution (after all, the gap is almost 3-½ years) and the wines it was being compared to.

Still and all, on the subject Friday evening, that bottle of '99 Pavie was a wantonly luscious and wide-open sexpot - a “pok-pok” (i.e., a Filipino street term for “harlot” or “cheap woman”) of a wine - a bombastically sexy “pok-pok” to be sure - but a “pok-pok” nonetheless. Not particularly elegant, intellectual, contemplative or intriguingly mysterious, but, then, again, not all wines have to be. As a matter of fact, I think that if all wines were so, drinking wine would all too easily become boring. Everything has its place.

Noel - this was Pavie Decesse, not Pavie…

Thanks for note T. I have a couple of these. I remember a core of mocha from a few years ago. Reminded me of some of the Napa Cabs I’ve tried. I might bring this to our groups '99 retrospective tasting in Dec.

Oops. My mistake. Sorry!

In an attempt to make up for this error, I searched my old notes for Pavie Decesse, but found only one vintage - the '98, which, of course, likewise has no relevance to your post.

Please feel free to delete my erroneous response above.



Thanks for bringing this bottle over last night. Like you, I was very pleasantly surprised with this wine. It stood up nicely to the grilled ribeye and was very well balanced.

The King pinot gris vin glace was a nice finish to the evening.

I hope you eventually make it out of the Mpls airport !

Todd, Great note and a nice wine for considerably less money than Pavie.