TN: 1999 Château Malescot St. Exupéry (France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Margaux)

1999 Château Malescot St. Exupéry - France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Margaux (7/1/2019)
– popped and poured –
– tasted non-blind over a couple hours –

NOSE: tertiary, with some black cherry fruit still hanging around; leather; clean.

BODY: medium-light bodied.

TASTE: good acidity; light oak; tannic a bit; probably drying out; clean leather; a bit on its downside, probably; excellent pair with rabbit cavatelli with mushrooms; savory cherry; hint of floral spice; excellent pair with goat. Gut impression score: 90 – 91. Ash’s gut impression score; 92.

How was the goat prepared?

I think the only time I’ve had goat was birria a few times (Mexican-style stewed goat).

braised goat, rapini, bread crumbs, poached egg, fresno chili

at Redbird, in DTLA. IIRC, I avoided the chiles.

I opened a bottle of the 1999 Malescot in January. My short note:
“Sexy dark fruits, licorice, spring flowers and exotic spices in abundance. Delicious, delicious!” :slight_smile:

Our notes line-up remarkably well! [cheers.gif]

Glad to see these notes, at least for maturity level. 98 of mine is due up to bat next summer.

Kwa Heri


Goat is hard to find outside of ethnic marketplaces. We used to get one raised for us by some ranchers up in Shasta. Did that a few years but have passed recently. It’s milder than lamb, but also leaner.

A nice pair with Provencal, Rhone types.

Time is certainly right to get that '98 in the lineup. I’ll read your TN when posted. :slight_smile:

Yep. Even in L.A., outside of Mexican restaurants, goat is somewhat scarce. Too bad, really, as I quite like it.

I am rolling my eyes (at me, not at you) so badly that I think I strained an ocular muscle while reading this.

When I was getting into wine but before I really started collecting, the local shop had cases of the 98 and 99 Malescot for sale at what even then was a nice price. I bought one of each and really liked them. That was it. How dumb. Now- I know better. I should have bought a half case of each- at least. Silly me.