TN: 1999 Charles Ellner Champagne Brut Prestige (France, Champagne)

  • 1999 Charles Ellner Champagne Brut Prestige - France, Champagne (1/31/2010)
    The color is quite beautiful on this wine - a deep golden color, not a rather light yellow as with most Champagne. An expressive nose of crusty bread, yeast, nuts, citrus, and perhaps a bit of mushroom as well - definitely a preferred style of mine. The palate is rich, some custard, nuttiness, sweet and tart citrus characteristics, and a brioche-like finish combined with some light citrus and floral components. A highly enjoyable Champagne for me, more for the fact that it focuses more on the yeast/bread/brioche components than the citrus. (93 pts.)

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Love the baked bread/yeast/mushroom notes in Champagne. Definitely my preferred style. Did you get a good deal on this? [wink.gif]

Thanks to your clever sleuthing, I sure did!!!

This truly reminds me of a crisper style of one of my very favorite Champagnes, the '98 Coutier Ambonnay. Whereas the Coutier has more emphasis on the richness, this has a good answer with the crispness from what I would assume is a bit more acidity. That aspect of this Champagne I prefer over the Coutier, but the richness on the nose of the Coutier is far more pronounced and enjoyable.

Still, if that sale ever goes up again, I’m in BIG.