TN: 1999 Bizot Vosne Jachees & 2004 Mugnier Les Fuees

1999 Domaine Bizot Vosne-Romanée “Les Jachées”

Following Andrew Hall’s recent experience, I wanted to crack into the Bizot that I bought shortly after release. Very pale and cloudy with a rusty/advanced color. Nose is compact and rustic. This bears no resemblance to Meadows’s awesome note on this wine. I hear that they bottle (bottled?) by barrel and if true should account for some variation, but I’m shocked any barrel would produce a wine like this. Not inherently flawed – other than just being weak and advanced – no hallmarks of heat damage and certainly not corked. Whatever. I have 2 bottles left and am not looking forward to seeing what happens.

2004 Domaine J-F Mugnier, Chambolle-Musigny “Les Fuées”

This on the other hand was great. Decanted for a while and it needed it. Huge shot of minerals over fruit initially which could be mistaken for green-ness, but after a while the dark fruit emerged. Surprisingly rich actually with good length. Solid tannins and everything in the right place. More mineral-laden than the flamboyant 2002 if you want to compare 2 random vintages of this wine that I’ve had in the past 6 months or so. I wouldn’t say this is 100% devoid of whatever “green” thing might be going on with 2004s, but this is very low on the scale and I’m not sure you’d really pick it out if you weren’t looking for it. Should age nicely over the medium term. I’ve been a huge fan of this bottling for a while and think it’s not only a great Chambolle 1er, but also the sweet spot in the excellent Mugnier portfolio.

Nice to hear the '04 Munier NSG isn’t so green but what else to expect from Mr. Mugnier?

NSG usually aren’t in my sweet spot (other than Chevillon) but the Mugnier ones just do it perfectly for me. The '05 was so readily available for so long and at good prices. Great stuff for the price. Too bad I buy little else Mugnier anymore but still enjoying all my 2001s.

Hope you are well.

Frighteningly similar notes for me back in December.

John - I’m doing well, hope you are as well. In fact, it looks like you’re already drinking well today – this note was on the Chambolle-Musigny Les Fuees, not the Nuits Marechale! neener

That said, I like Mugnier’s Marechale a good deal, but haven’t tasted the 2004 since release and found it on the green side. More recent vintages are stronger I think – and they certainly taste more Chambolle in character than other Nuits, Chevillon especially which I tend to really like.

Got me laughing. I think besides general reading ability and attention span, I was stone cold sober. I used to never buy the Fuees given theprices of others. Now Fuees is generally too expensive but that’s life and simply move on.