TN: 1998 JL Chave St. Joseph Offerus

A nice surprise for $25 and just reloaded.

Very reminiscent of red burgundy, if you eliminate the coffee and bacon fat notes.

Expressive nose loaded with a dash of pepper, bacon fat, coffee and black raspberry. In the mouth, this is medium bodied with a tangy/vervy acidity.

I’d say this should continue to age well given the ample acidity and fruit.

Tastes exactly the same…just different.


I don’t remember if I ever had the 1998 but I like this bottling in general and think it’s a nice QPR in most vintages. Thanks for the note.

[rofl.gif] [rofl.gif] [rofl.gif]

Just like Coke & Pepsi huh?

Bring something like this when we all drink together, rather than some bargain rack no name special! [wow.gif]

Oh, snap [smack.gif] [smack.gif] [smack.gif] [smack.gif] [smack.gif] [smack.gif] [smack.gif] [smack.gif] [smack.gif] [smack.gif] [smack.gif] [smack.gif] [smack.gif] [smack.gif] [smack.gif] [smack.gif] [smack.gif] [smack.gif] [smack.gif] [smack.gif] [smack.gif]

I’ll back him up - I found the 05 Offerus and 06 Mon Coeur to be very Burgundian…

Just b/c you show off with big bottles at FF and the Chicago fest doesnt make you a baller!

Plus, we can’t ALL live with mom and dad at the age of 33, got plenty of those guys on this board as it is!! [wow.gif]

Bummer. I like St Joseph. :wink:

[blackeye.gif] [smack.gif]

I’ve have a case of the '03. I may leave them for another 5 years reading this note. I did not enjoy the '01’s I drunk last year FWIW. [stop.gif]