TN: 1998 Domaine La Bouïssiere Gigondas

1998 Domaine La Bouïssiere Gigondas - grenache driven Southern Rhone with a nose of sweet fruit and garrigue, the colour lightening a bit now but still a deep red core, soft tannins, good balance and absolutely ready to drink, although showing little signs of age.

The dinner was terrine of chicken, pork and ham I made with some tarragon and thyme, pistachios etc. A typical French bistro dish with a slaw made from carrot, celeriac and apple dressed with a mustard cider vinegar dressing (have to keep my hand in for when I can recommence my annual terrine event).


Terrine’s always remind me of Les Sans Culottes in NYC, which I used to live by. One of the few things I miss from that area!

That’s a pretty old Gigondas. The last ones I had from that 90’s era were getting tired.

I have a temperature controlled cellar (13 C.) which helps longevity - it was in good shape. Just opened a 2000 Brusset Les Hauts de Montmirail tonight with chicken tikka masala and it was brilliant (first bottle I’ve opened and I probably bought it more than 15 years ago).

I had to heat one cellar I had to get it to 55F !

Now I’m getting motivated to make some of those terrines.

I have a huge leg of ham in the garage fridge which needs to be used…

Jambon persille works with a lot of wines…

For other ideas see my last terrine event notes TN: 2018 Terrine XV Event - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers