TN: 1998 Clos du Mont-Olivet Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Opened last night at Carbone in NYC. Pop and pour for the first glass, then into a decanter and consumed slowly over 2 hours.
Already a little bit of bricking around the edges, with the nose giving off classic restrained/elegant CDP characteristics: kirsch, spice, and a distinct wet-stone thing that was really intriguing. Pretty floral elements popped out as it sat in the glass. It was a little out of balance on the palate, but still enjoyable–still a ton of acidity and firm tannin present, but with 14.5% alcohol still registering on the hot side, it felt a bit disjointed and lacked length. Was expecting that age would’ve softened it, especially with the color indicating such. I think this is in one of those weird in-between spots. It was probably better a few years ago, and will be better a few years from now. 90pts.

Had my last bottle of a case at least five years ago and it seemed fully mature then…

I think I have one bottle of the 95 lying around the cellar. I’ll have to pull it (after dry January). Gotta think it’s past its prime.

I remember the 98 was really enjoyable on release as was the 98 Les Cailloux. I remember thinking they matured quicker than most CdP’s for some reason.

I’ve had some damn bad luck with ‘98s over the past few months. I really think most bottles are past their prime and falling apart

Entirely possible. I have a half bottle of '98 Beaucastel that I’m afraid will be in similar shape. It’s hard to believe that it’s falling apart when there’s still so much tannic structure left, but if I’m not the only one experiencing this, I guess it could be so.

Has this purchased recently?
The (new) label indicates a late release by the domaine - the (former) label in 1998 was different.
Maybe not totally recovered from shipping from France ?


Difficult to say. Wine director has only been there for 2 weeks, and didn’t know how long they’d had them in their cellar. Leave it to me to order a Rhone bottling from a place with a ridiculous (and ridiculously overpriced) Italian selection.

I have to have a look in my cellar - but I think the new label has only been used since vintage 2012 (or 2011?), sure also for later releases of older vintages.

Old label:

The 1998, when it first came out, was definitely bottled under the old label. I bought my case from Clos Mt. Olivet back in 2002. Long since down the hatch. Happy to hear it’s still holding up. But this will be some form of library release.

I usually buy a case of the CDR every year and Papet in good ones.

I had this a few months back from a library release. Good not great. Probably won’t improve with more bottle age.