TN: 1998 Cathiard NSG Aux Murgers

Carried this into Buck’s Fishing and Camping tonight (excellent “neighborhood” restaurant) and opened with roasted chicken (me) and rack of lamb (my friend). Really in a good place - well balanced, good fruit and structure - just enough but not too much! No rush but a delicious wine that’s drinking really well tonight.

Cathiard made such outstanding 98s! Wish I had more.

Hello Maureen,

I couldn’t agree more, Cathiard’s 1998s are quite brilliant considering what a rain-soaked, rot-infested vintage it was (I was harvesting in Morey Saint Denis that year and had a sodden, muddy, bloody miserable time). I had a couple of bottles of the Nuits Murgers a couple of years ago and thought it was better than the 1999 of the same wine; it was a lewdly good bottle of Nuits that had exactly what it needs where it needs it. The Vosnes 1ers were rapturously delicious and I was extremely fortunate to try some of the RSV which warped the imagination with its tantalising, sensuous resplendence; again these wines seemed better than the 99s and they are far from disappointing. What wines! What good times! I’m a lucky fellow indeed to have tried them. If you’ve got any of the Murgers left I’ll join you for a glass or two.


no more Murgers, I’m afraid, just the Malconsorts.

we had the 99 Murgers 2 months ago and I was pretty disappointed. A bit muddied and whatever splendor i usually associate with Cathiard just wasn’t there. =( Maybe an off bottle

Oh lovely, that stuff just slips down a treat:)

Thanks for the note on this, sounds like a wonderful dinner.