TN: 1997 Roberto Voerzio Barolo Brunate (Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barolo)

  • 1997 Roberto Voerzio Barolo Brunate - Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barolo (2/6/2017)
    Took to dinner for a celebration…and it delivered! Cellared since release, decanted for 30mins…DARK and rich berry fruited and earth wine here! Traditionalists would cringe…this drank more like a wonderful First Growth or Super Tuscan. Dark liqueured berry fruit, creme de cassis, seamless, layered, and silky smooth tannins still holding a firm structure to that ripe fruit. Deep and complexing flavors…coffee, new leather, tilled field of roses, truffles, dusty oak barrel spice…enough blood orange acidity to cut…not at all too heavy or too much…it really drank regal. We loved it! One bottle left…I’d really like to see what another 20yrs will bring…this will easily last that long. (95 pts.)

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Hi Brian
Thanks for the note. Yes there are elements in there that are not what I expect/seek in nebbiolo, but perhaps tolerate to a greater degree in other wines I’ll drink - but also some that are absolutely expected/sought. I love my coffee, but it is one flavour I tire quickly of in wine.

It will be interesting to see what even another decade brings to the wine.

Sorry [cheers.gif]

different strokes…and all that shit

haven’t had this since release, hope you and the mrs had a great time buzz! btw - i want to see a pic of that painting [wow.gif]

“Tilled field of roses”? I can imagine what that might smell like, I think, but I bet only a very few on the facecof the planet have walked through a tilled field of roses. Just curious-do fields of roses get tilled?

Is that seepage on the cork or shadows?

Thanks for the notes. Man, that looks like a dark wine!

Looks like a 3/4 saturate cork; maybe the wine will hold but I don’t think the cork is going to hold for another 20 years…

I drank this last in May 2015, my 3rd bottle I’ve had of the 97 Brunate and I had a similar experience of the wines just being incredibly dark and it was just a brute upon opening. This I believe will last another 30 years easily. I really enjoyed this and scored it 95/96 points with room for improvement over the next 10/15 years. My 2 cents cary