TN: 1997 Leoville-Barton

My last bottle and still very much a treat. It does seem to be a bit tired (especially compared to the '98 we had recently), but still clearly on the good side of tired. Clear crimson red, with some sediment that is easily decanted. Following decanting, the smell is strongly of lead pencil and cigar box. Very lovely and hard to turn away from. On taste it is a bit toned down, though with a lovely cassis and blackberry flavor. No faults at all. A lovely glass of matured Claret, and a joy to drink! If I had more, I would put them relatively forward in the drinking line…

I don’t do scores.

There were selling this one in ATL at about $25 on a blowout a few years ago. The distributor was dumping all the 97’s. This is a pretty good wine. Thanks for the note here. Glad it is still hanging tough.

Drank and enjoyed a bunch of these a few years ago when you could buy Leoville Barton for <$40. Always thought they did very well with this for the vintage. Wish I had a bottle or 2 left to see where it’s gone, but since I don’t, thanks for doing that vicariously for me.