TN: 1996 Raveneau Butteaux

bought on release and stored since then, the bottle had such little ullage that the meniscus still touched the cork. Raveneau definitely puts 750 ml of wine into a 750 ml bottle–I’ve bought bottles that have no bubble at all.

This is a delightful Chablis drinking at its peak–and the 1996 peak is indeed a high one. There’s a complex nose that hints at the glories to be tasted, a melange of scents that come together in a wonderful way. The wine’s acidic edges have smoothed out and it coats the tongue and palate with gorgeous citrus, apple, honeysuckle and minerals, finishing long and clean with super precision and great drive.

It’s a real pleasure to drink this wine and makes me wonder just how good the three Raveneau grand crus could be in this vintage.


Too bad you missed the wine group dinner a couple weeks ago - I served the Grand cru '96 Blanchots. It was as fresh and good as yours sounded.

Beautiful, Alan - so difficult to wait the years it takes for Raveneau to sing.

Thanks Alan,

I have some of this, last bottle I had I thought this still needed more time to hits its peak…maybe 3-5 years??

It’s funny but the GC’s are actually really hard to find from this year, I have been looking for the last 4 or 5 years and haven’t seen any, maybe they are all buried deep…

people who buy Raveneau don’t usually sell their Raveneau.