TN: 1996 Chateau Montrose

(Note from Cellartracker) Classic St. Estephe. On the nose wet stones, lots of ash tray (but in the best way!), brambles and subdued red fruit notes (mainly strawberry and cherry). Palate was a little thinner than I would have liked, but still solid and finish is great. Overall a very good example of Bordeaux, drinking right in the appropriate window now with great balance and acidity. Drink up!

I rate wines, based on how much I enjoyed drinking them and I would give this one a 93.


Thanks for sharing the note.

I last had a sample, maybe 5 years ago, and thin was quite the opposite of what I took away from the wine then. I still have a few, purchased and stored since eons ago, that this TN is blipping on my to-drink radar this year.

Yes, thanks, I have a couple of these also. Interesting that you think it’s time to drink’em. I figured they would be good to hold for a while.

I guess it depends on what state you like your wine. Not sure how much more this wine will improve with waiting. I think it is in a great place now!

Maybe it was storage. Have to agree with Ramon, this wine is in no way shape or form thinning, at least to me. Quite the contrary. And I would also disagree that it will not continue to improve. No hurry, though I do agree it is delicious now with a good, multi hour decant. I have had it as recently as October.

At this point, even with great storage/provenance, there’s some variance on what people will experience after 25 years. I’ve had some great bottles, and some ok bottles. One ‘seeper’ a while back was totally great, despite expectations.

Thanks for sharing the note.