TN - 1995 Dunn Howell Mtn

This review is for a 1995 Dunn Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon. This was one of 2 wines blinded, Pask Trilliant review below, for a smoked brisket dinner with friends. Since I blinded this wine I knew what it was but our friends did not and it was fun to watch their detective reasoning as they tasted the wine. I did have to painfully remove the dreadful “bakelite” wax that Dunn uses so that our friends wouldn’t be tipped off. The bottle was placed on the counter for 24hrs before opening. Used the Durand opener to make sure the cork came out cleanly. Cork was stained for only 1/4 inch. One could see through the bottle that there was loads of sediment on the lay down side. The nose was muted blackberries with a cedar/eucalyptus scent. In the glass this wine was only slightly bricking. In the mouth the dark berries and cinnamon like spices hit early which then transitions to drying leather tannin sensation and then ends with a peppery note. The peppery note I have not had with Dunn before and it reminded me of the pepper one senses with syrah. The wine still comes across as youngish with years ahead. That said the flavors, tannins, and acidity are coming together nicely right now. Our friends deduced a non-Napa New World cabernet based wine but had pegged it at 5-7 years old. Close but not quite right…Dunn Howell Mountain will do that to you.
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Great note!

“Let’s see, it’s either a 2016 non-Napa New World cabernet, or it’s 25+ year old Dunn HM.” I love that view! [cheers.gif]

great note and highlights the hilarity of online discussions…



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