TN: 1994 Verget Chevalier Montrachet

bought on release and well-stored, but passed over for opening because, well, it’s a 94. But Jeremy’s frequent experiences with lesser vintages made me change my mind and I’m glad I did. It’s near spectacular. Brisk bright acidity, menthol and mint, reminds me of a Ramonet. Lean delicious fruit and superb balance. Very grand cru, very much Chevalier. I like!

Verget gets its knocks…but I am a huge fan, and have had really good luck with their wines. One of the very first white Burgundy wines I bought when I could after getting bit by the bug after trying a Roulot! Had a Verget 94 Charmes recently that was outstanding!!! Good for you Doc!

Had a 1994 Jean-Marc Morey Caillerets last night that also truly transcended the vintage’s reputation - just a great Caillerets.

And I’m glad the Verget showed so well. Your analogy makes sense, too. In their marriage of amplitude and incisiveness, Jean-Marie’s wines remind me most of Ramonet among today’s white Burgundy producers.

I brought along a '94 Coche CC to your house Alan IIRC. I reckon it showed very well too.

The Verget sounds terrific. Bdm’s '94 CC has always been good as well and a Roulot '94 Charmes a couple of years ago was splendid.

I do remember that ancient Krug. Let’s repeat that dinner next visit.