TN: 1994 Rayas/Fonsalette Cuvee Syrah

I bought 8 of these recently so figured tonight would be a good chance to try one with a delicious caprese salad.

Maybe not as amazing as the bottle I bought from winebid and drank months ago but this is still pretty delicious wine and even better with the food. Still sporting a young dark ruby color and a nose of meat/rust/earth/bacon fat. On the palate it is very smooth but with great front end sweetness and still some lingering tannin on the finish. This is a really delicious wine to me and one that I am glad to have 7 more of for the next several years (maybe 2 a year for the next 3 years and 1 if Gerhard comes to Napa :slight_smile:

Jeff Ames

haven’t had the 94 but I love this wine

Quite unlikely, except somebody is interested in a concert (and pays the fees neener ) … but in case I´d bring the 1991 or 1990 with me! flirtysmile
Thanks for the invitation …