TN: 1992 Williams Selyem Allen Vineyard Pinot Noir

Bought from WS mailing list back in the day. Just a very lovely wine. With a two hour decant, freshly turned earth and sous bois, strawberry rhubarb, a sachet of provencales herbs. Lithe and extremely well balanced. On the palate a touch of creaminess, red and blackberry fruit and rosehip tea, great length and balance. The wine is certainly at its peak and in the perfect window to drink. I would not hesitate at all and assuming good storage would hope for the best!


Thank you for the great note.

Very encouraging.

I would love to try a WS Allen with that kind of age on it. Kudos.

Loved the 92 having had it twice. Looking at a 95 Allen here in Mérida.

Fabulous. Have had many a bottle and as recent as a few months ago. I agree, it is in a great place now and am happy you had a great experience. Check out the high neck fill. Burt topped off every bottle, at least that was his intention, but daughter Katie reminds me they were not so patient at the end of some days and might have left some with more ullage. :slightly_smiling_face:

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