TN: 1991 Chateau St. Jean Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve (USA, California, Sonoma County)

  • 1991 Chateau St. Jean Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve - USA, California, Sonoma County (7/26/2022)
    Cellared since release, open in bottle for 2hrs, 78%CS, 10%CF, 6%Melbec, 5%Merlot, 1%PV…it’s been 13yrs since my last encounter with this beauty, and it is STILL a stunner! OMG the nose! Dusty old wine cellar, kirsch liqueur, dried tobacco leaf, shaved cedar, wintergreen forest…you absolutely know you are in for a treat! On the palate, still so youthful…dark and silky red berry fruits…like they were just crushed yesterday…mouth coating smoothness, with a nice sour kick of cherry skin acidity…very polished and plush, med+ bodied, dusty cedar spiced tannic structure to it that firms…hahaha…I just have to laugh how AMAZINGLY good this wine is…SO much complexity and old school texture and feel…maaaybe for some, a little too much oak used…there is a lot of barrel spice and tannins left…but plenty of fruit and acid lift to make it a non issue for me…in fact, I adore the balance in this, tilted more towards the youthful side…finishes very long…exotic…killer graphite and red licorice dryness…slight leather…PLENTY more years left in the tank on this one! Damn those 91’s are the bomb! (97 pts.)

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I had forgotten about those wines. Purchased for many years and LOVED their reserve cab. Such a really good wine at a great price. I think I dropped off when they got WOTY for the 1996 Cinq Cepage and prices went up quickly.

Yea…these early 90’s Reserves from St Jean, as well as Chateau Souverain, are drinking like World class wines right now…hell…even from the start! I’d put them up against any First Growth in a blind! [wow.gif]

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sounds amazing. and awesome pic man!


Where were you finding them back then? from in person visits? when I lived in the tri state area back then I never saw those bottlings available, just the large production base cabs.

Believe it or not…Safeway stores in the Bay Area Ca! Bought a bunch of 90’s bottles every time I would see them. Way cheaper than I remember seeing it at the Winery. The Reserve Malbec too…another killer wine!

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I thought Texas was the only place having rolling brown-outs

Haha…stumbled upon that filter…I kind of liked it!

Picture came out great! Glad the wine did too!

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SO SO happy to get this OWC!! This wine is amazing! Hope these bottles were cared for like mine!:pray:


I have always thought CSJ offered good value.

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1991 Chateau St. Jean Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve - USA, California, Sonoma County (12/3/2023)
First bottle from an OWC recent purchase…all my previous bottles(mine from release) have been amazing, and all I could ask for from this wine. So far…these have been well cared for! Tons of caked on sediment in the bottle…decanted, rinsed bottle, and poured back in. The nose is a little more mudded with earth mulch, but still fascinating with the dusty old wine cellar, kirsch liqueur, dried tobacco leaf, shaved cedar, wintergreen forest…gorgeous silky smooth fruit…plum, black cherry, cassis…seems darker chocolate brownie than previous…totally resolved tannins…polished and plush…previous bottles had more structure and spice kick…now we nit pickin. The balance is amazing…SO complex and old school Cali good…leather, bay leaf, pencil…although just a notch below my previous bottle form last year…this is still a FRIGGIN bangin 32yr old wine! (96 pts.)

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Wow, this brings back great memories!..I drank quite a few of these back in the day…the color of that wine is still vibrant and deep, I can almost taste it just looking at it!

Luvin this case! Another gorgeous bottle, much like the last…SO silky smooth and in total harmony! Very complex, and structured for many more years of pleasure.


All - ah, the marvels of '91 vintage (both Napa and Sonoma) - my fav aging vintage of the '80s/'90’s…so many sleepers. The St. Jean Reserves are a great case in point…enjoy and share!

Is this the same blend as the Cinq Cepages. I was not familiar with these until the 2001 vintage of the CC. I still have one left out of six. I was not overwhelmed by the others. BUT 1991 was a special vintage in Napa.