TN: 1990 Pol Roger Champagne Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill Brut (France, Champagne)

  • 1990 Pol Roger Champagne Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill Brut - France, Champagne (8/9/2012)
    This was popped and poured as it arrived, then left to sit in the fridge to breathe and unfold. Very slightly darkened color, so that was a nice sign. At first, the nose like the palate was shy and ungiving, but it teased us here and there with some almonds, some baking dough, some vanilla, some brioche and some cafe au lait. As it opened up, these aspects rose to their full splendor, showcased on an elegant and almost subtly confident frame, with a hint of sweetness (but not too much) and some nice acidity at the back, and a long long finish. This kept getting better and better, and we really had to fight to keep our hands off of it. The wine never seemed to be backing down, just improving more and more in the glass. I’m sure had I been able to hold back I’d have been rewarded, but I’m a sucker for hedonism so I probably downed this way too fast. This bottle must have been perfectly stored as there was no oxydation, barely any Sherry notes, just pure aged Sir Winny. Wow. Fantastic.

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