TN: 1990 Maison Leroy Maranges

An interesting and tasty wine from the negotiant side of Leroy.

  • 1990 Maison Leroy Maranges - France, Burgundy, Côte de Beaune, Maranges (10/24/2009)
    Nearly soaked cork but the wine itself was in fine shape. Little hint of age in the color which was only slightly starting to fade at the extreme edge. Lots of earth and cherry on the nose with the earthiness dominates the fruit. On the palate this was initially tight and showing a lot of acid but a quick 30 mins in the decanter settled everything down and when it all integrated, it was quite nice. Lots of dark fruit flavors still showing at mid-palate with a medium length finish that is dry and dusty. (90 pts.)

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Did you buy this recently? I’ve seen a 1990 Maranges from Leroy that was released about a year ago at my local Binny’s for somewhere around $80. Was it worth the coin?

Nice, thanks for the note. Do you know if this was a Library release?

Winebid, $40. Worth $40, but not $80.

It came from winebid and I believe they were a library release as the provenance details were:

“These wines were sourced directly from the producer, and have been stored in a temperature controlled facility.”

Hey Serge,

I think it was back a few years ago when I had dinner with some guy in Portland and we had a 95 or 96 Dujac. Can’t remember exactly which one but that was the first exposure to some of the good stuff and that certainly planted the seed. [friends.gif]

Cool! Merci! [thankyou.gif]