TN: 1990 Cos D'Estournel

Sunday night football, e-foo noodles from Little Sister and Bordeaux time for daddy as the misses is galavanting around NYC with her little friends…

TN: Haven’t had this vintage and no clue where this random bottle came from but thanks to whoever bestowed it upon my cellar…Initial nose very muted, very dark, inky color, no bricking at all. First pour at an hour, tobacco, graphite, leather and some earthy tones (very good) that I’m at a loss for. Nose opens up a tad but not much, taste is where this is showing. Very well integrated, nice finish that gets better over 2nd & 3rd hour. Dark fruits all around towards end, tannins still there with nice classic finish, really everything I want in a bdx. Pulled this as I thought it was in prime drinkability but could probably lay low for another 5+ years if properly cared for from the get go. - 95

Nice. I finished off a 1990 Haut Bailly tonight. 1990 remains my favorite vintage for bdx in general. Great era for Cos.

Really, good to know. The only '90 I can remember having. Will look around to see what I can find for other producers and see if you are right!

Wasn’t 1990 one of the years that nearly everyone agreed was a “Board Darling” vintage for the entire planet? [wow.gif]

Interesting to see “graphite” in the note. Tyler: how dominant was the odor? Arv: how about with your bottle of HB? Thanks!

It was faint but there. I don’t have a ferrari palate but that is one of the consistent things I can pick up

Very distinctive charcol and blackberry in this wine. Love it. From my last case have scored 94-96pts, very similar to you. I’m not a big fan of 1990, but this is so damn drinkable and I much prefer it to 89 Cos.