TN: 1989 Roty Charmes TVV

1989 Roty Charmes-Chambertin TVV

Dark color. The nose takes some coaxing. Core of red fruit but some darker elements on the periphery. Some element of forest floor. A very young nose in many ways. The palate is still quite structured but the fruit is absolutely penetrating in quality. There is only support from the tannin not bitterness or excessive grip. Red core to the fruit. A long finish that fans into a panoply of spice and earthy notes. This is so young and SO very good! A recent acquisition. If I didn’t know better, I would think I bought this from Bern’s. So youthful. Amazing. Years of life ahead. [cheers.gif]

nice that there’s no mention of oak–Roty and Groffier get a bad rap for being overoaked but it integrates.

That sounds really good, Don. Roty gets the rap that Alan describes, but it seems that the domaine unapologetically makes wine for the very long haul, which may not win many accolades early but which integrate with time as with your bottle. I’d love to try one of these TVV at about age 25.

Roty = masculine burgundy.
nice note

Haven’t had a Roty at mature stage yet.
The Danish importer was located close to Me once, and I tasted several of the early '00s at very young. Tough wines !
Still, I bought the 02 Charmes, and the even rarer Maziz (75 cases prod.). I hope to live and drink them at peak, -in the far future.

Thanks for excellent note.

No notable oak at all Alan.

Thanks for all the feedback here.

Suzanne. You are right about this being quite masculine. I really like the intensity of fruit here considering the age.

Cheers to you all!

Yeah, the style plus Gevrey equals some masculine Burgundy. Would love to try a mature one someday. Good thing it’s Charmes. If they were making a Clos de Beze it would take 50+ years to come around.

Roty is fine producer pretty similar to Rousseau IMO.

I can well imagine this was superb. Roumier’s '89 Charmes was beautiful in September and I would fully expect the Roty to be even better.