TN: 1989 Chateau Sociando Mallet

This is why I love Bordeaux. This is why Sociando is one of my top 3 Bordeaux holdings.

At 26+ years of age, this baby is, well, still an adolescent. But an adolescent that is showing distinct personality, signs of maturation, but incredible youthful energy. The edges are not even bricking. Still a dark crimson red.

Muted on pop and pour, really needs a solid 30 minutes to start opening up. As I enjoyed some whites with the starter courses, we decanted it then turned to the wine about 1 hour later. And it’s still unraveling. But what it is showing is wonderful. Large-scale, meaty, deep red fruits and some plum, ash, tobacco leaves, light toast and just a wee bit hint of bell pepper. Showing less green than some other recent vintages that I have enjoyed, this is just a ripe, full-bodied beauty where everything is in check, in balance. No perceptible oak or alcohol except some subtle barn wood framing. Continued to open over the next 2 hours. Just a beautiful, maturing, old world Bordeaux built on a very classic model. Can easily run 10-15+ years in this drinking window. I would give it a 2 or more hour decant next time.

I preferred this wine over my recent 2000 and 2003, both of which were excellent. Continues to amaze me how little Cab Franc is in the blend.

Condition and provenance on this bottle were mint.

(94 pts.)

I’ve been buying and enjoying SM since 1982 vintage. Often really not " mature" until 20 yrs of age. Last bottle I enjoyed with a couple of our local Washington winemakers who make cab franc predominant Bordeaux blends and we were all shocked at how little cab franc is listed as being in the blend

Love it, great note on the largest wine in my cellar. Unfortunately, I have a hard time finding mint bottles of S-M from the 80’s, most bottles on auction show signs of abuse otherwise I’d go crazy backfilling. That said, I’ve managed to find some good bottles of the 82 and 90 for ~$75-80, probably my two favorite vintages of this chateau.

Had an 81 lad Friday and it was a lovely example of mature Bordeaux. It was poured next to 81 Ducru and 81 Lalande and it more than held its own.