TN: 1988 Ch. Lynch Bages

Just a brief note on this one. I brought it to a holiday wine party last night; it was popped and poured. A lovely aged Pauillac, with lots of
cedar, earth, tobacco, and blackberry throughout. The fruit/acid balance in the midpalate is still very good, and there’s a long-ish finish of mostly smooth/round tannins on the finish. I doubt that the wine will get much better with additional aging, but it’s not in danger of falling off the cliff anytime soon. Somewhere between a “yum plus” and a “wow,” conservatively speaking.

The 1989 and 1990 Bordeaux vintages tend to get all the attention, but 1988 produced a lot of “classic” Bordeaux and this was one of them.


Great note!

I found 88 and 83 to be under appreciated.

I had this 10mos.ago…I enjoyed it and found it did have a nice classic profile…though it def. falls short of being great.


I agree that 88 is a bit overlooked. Glad the LB was good- but the 88 does really not compare well with the 89 or 90.