TN: 1986 Château Simone Palette (France, Provence, Palette)

  • 1986 Château Simone Palette - France, Provence, Palette (9/19/2013)
    Popped and decanted, then left to breathe as we finished off some Lassaigne Champagne, this was aromatically gorgeous from the get go. Heady aromas of meat, iron and herbal notes danced with sour red fruits, however the palate was all blood and guts, with those red fruits poking up through the disjointed whole. With some vigorous swirling (is there any other kind?), it began to come together, and seemed to settle down into a gorgeous mix of fruit, earth and blood, very Southern yet not at the same time. Much more delicate than anticipated, with soft tannins and a mid-length finish, and a very pretty mouthfeel.

I found it really interesting how the contrasts between what I expected, where it’s from, and what it actually ended up tasting like played out on the palate.

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Cheers! [cheers.gif]

I love this wine. Had the 83 at Crocadile in Strasbourg. Explosive strawberry, and as you say, beautifully light.

If there are other enthusiasts of this wine, I’d love to get together for a vertical.

Someone brought a bottle of the 86 to an offline at Ciano when Steve Edmunds was in town last year, loved it. Loved the '99 this summer as well. Something I need to go look for.

The '88 is a revelation. Drank six bottles so far, and every one of them were fabulous. Don’t overlook Chateau Simone’s white and rose either. Both are wonderful, especially when paired with grilled fish.

This was quite a revelation for me too, I’d never had their red, and finding this on a restaurant list was quite fortunate.

I really like these wines. The white is very cool too.