TN. 1986 Champagne Raymond Boulard - La comete

1986 was the Halley’s comet year and it certainly made it into this incredible bottle of Champagne.

The first “wow” comes when you put your nose over the glass. White truffle, honey, flowers, dried fruits with impressive intensity and persistence. The colour is fairly “light” for a 23 year old Champagne but on the palate, the somewhat calmed down bubbles show the age of the wine. A wonderful palate, by the way, with much intensity and very agreable bubble. A perfect balance and very good complexity make it to the superb finish, which is also of rare intensity. Went really well with the dish (bass with exotic spices and a coriander spriced carrot/potato puree) but would have gone well with pretty much any dish as Guillaume rightly pointed out.

This is one of the top 10 Champagne I have ever tasted.

Francis Boulard, si tu lis ces lignes… bravo et surtout merci… [worship.gif]