TN: 1985 Schramsberg Vineyards Blanc de Noirs (USA, California, Napa Valley)

From the UC Davis cellar. The gift that keeps on giving. I wonder if we age current Schramsberg will it taste like this in 30 years?

  • 1985 Schramsberg Vineyards Blanc de Noirs - USA, California, Napa Valley (4/5/2017)
    Really really great bubbly. Still full of bubbles and life with a delicious sweet red fruit palate. Round and flavorful with just the right cut on it to keep it lively. If I didn’t already know what it was, I would have guessed it was a 80s Cristal Rose (which people did when I blinded it). Seriously impressive bubbly.

Thanks for the note. Often wondered how these might age.

I have no doubt they will age. Just have to allow it. Had an '91 BdB on my 50th Birthday and is was downright fresh and lively at 20 years of age.

Cool Fu! Had a 96 J Schram a few years ago that was more advanced than I like, but still a good drink. Hoping my last bottle will be a little fresher! champagne.gif

The 77 “Cuvee de Pinot” was very much alive. I didn’t have much hope for it given the color but there was plenty of bubbles and acidity left. Even on the next day.

There was bit of funkiness that never resolved. It wasn’t necessarily offensive but it did hold it back a little.

Most consistent sparkling house in the US. Had a '95 J. Schram a while back and it was beautiful.

Very cool!! Thanks for sharing, c fu!

Agreed. My go to bottle to bring to someone’s house that you can find in almost any CA grocery store. Holds up to French champs at 2-3x the price IMO. I had a 1990 a few years ago and it was amazing, sucks that it’s hard to find that many older bottles around but these can for sure go the distance.

Does the front label denote that all the fruit came from Napa Valley? I know recent vintages have little Napa fruit in them.

I ask because I frequently find that people input wines into CT incorrectly, i.e. just because the wine was produced and bottled in Napa doesn’t mean that’s where it’s from.

Sorry didn’t get the back label

Where is most of the fruit coming from these days?

The last time I visited the winery, the vineyard maps were clustered in Sonoma Coast/RRV and Anderson Valley.

Very cool, thanks.

Love their wines wish I had more in the cellar. We have sold them some fruit in the past and got really good deals on them when my wife worked PR at Wilson Daniels. We went thru many 3l’s.

I think they make some single appellation and single vineyard bottlings now, including a Napa Valley Carneros. The regular blends I seem to recall don’t have any appellation on them maybe leading to the confusion when produced and bottled in Napa is on the label. They could use North Coast but dont recall seeing that on the label.

Glad to know more of the Curator’s wines are delivering pleasure and special experiences–there were so many solo bottles in the cellar.

Thanks Nolan!